Available kittens:

We are a small cattery and as such we do not have kittens as often as typical breeders.
We breed our cats for enjoyment and we are trying to keep our line of British Shorthairs to very high standards.
Most of the time we have long reservation list. If you are interested in making one of our kittens a part of your family you may have to wait depending on availability.
Also, we want to let you know that due to great stress levels we will not ship our kittens and require you to pick them up in person.
Before we sell our kittens we try to make sure that they will go to homes that are a proper environment for a cat as well as a loving home.
We would love to get to know more about you, your family and your home. Please go to this link on our website and fill out the following form: http://www.britishbluecats.com/requestinfo.html

New Litters:

Litter A4
born on 10/15/2018
to Hercules de Peyrat and Britishblue Polina
(one blue female)
(Sorry, she is reserved)

Litter B4
born on 10/20/2018
to Britishblue Zeus and Britishblue Milena
(two blue males)
(Sorry, kittens are reserved)

Litter C4
born on 11/15/2018
to Britishblue Zeus and Britishblue Lola
(two blue males)
(Sorry, kittens are reserved)








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